This is a collaboration with visual artist Joachim Froese, based on my piece "Lexikontrapunk"

Thanks to everyone who voted for me for the You Tube Symphony Orchestra. Although I was selected, in the end I won't be able to be in it. But you can come and watch "The Magic Flute" in Melbourne!

I'm a finalist for the You Tube Symphony Orchestra! Please watch my video and vote here

Under composition you will find scores, recordings and program texts of my works. Please feel free to download and let me know if you wish to perform these works. If the material for the work you are looking for isn't listed, please contact me so I can get it to you.

Go to performance to see my repertoire (not only on the bassoon!). More sound examples coming soon.

For something a little different, visit my MySpace site to see what I'm up to playing Bass Guitar.

If you've had enough, try leaving via the links page where you will find some other people whose work I admire. Some of them have even let me work with them!