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Chamber Music

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      Menuetto for three narrators (2010)
    D r F ug e lie e for flute, trumpet, cello and snare drum (2009)
      CMYK for two marimbas (2007)
    lexikontrapunkt for six narrators (2005)
      I. vordersatz
        II. nachsatz
      III. nächster satz
        IV. coda aus der tagespresse
      styropornamental I for oboe, bassoon and tape (2005)
      styropornamental III for oboe, electric guitar, electric bass and drums (2005)
  Kaleidophon for flute/piccolo, oboe/cor anglais and bassoon (2004)
  Chronophonie 1 for kalimba (2004)
  Chronophonie 2 for trumpet and kalimba (2004)
  Chronophonie 3 for three musicians with or without instruments (2004)
    Tit for tat for violin and contrabassoon (2003)
    Trio for oboe and clarinet (2002)
    Esto no es nada for string trio (2000)
    El ángel exterminador for clarinet quartet (1998)
    Monodia a 4 for bassoon quartet (1997)


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        vorgeschmack for any woodwind instrument (2009)
      version for piccolo
      version for bassoon
        elevator music for any woodwind instrument (2008)
      there is a possibility
  tom reads useless magazines privately every tuesday for 19 Division Trumpet (2005)
  Chronophonie 1 for kalimba (2004)
  cl sters for piano (2003)
  mit Dämpfer for violin (2002)
    Alè for tenor recorder (2001)

Orchestral / Ensemble

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        ka(r)os for school ensemble (2005)
    afar brief dim hair for oboe and chamber orchestra (2005)
      I. brief
      II. each its
      III. afar dim hair
      When I talk about the weather, I know what I’m talking about for five orchestral groups (2001)

Miscellaneous (Arrangements, Film Music and pieces that don't fit anywhere else)

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        Film music to Silvia's Kitchen by Chris Karageorgiou, for string quartet (2006)
        Film music to Paris qui dort by René Clair, for violin, melodica, oboe and electric bass (2006)
      roll over nancarrow for player piano (2005)
        Cinema for ensemble (2004)
Arrangement of Erik Satie’s music for the film Entr’acte by René Clair.
In collaboration with Hyun Joo Byon, Na-Young Lee and Meng-Chia Lin
    On That Note: A music-theatre concept for one performer (2004)